Glen Welch

Welch Engineering, LLC

Welch LogoWelch Engineering specializes in premium Real Estate Inspections and Testing services and the Firm is licensed by the State of Georgia. Glenn Welch, Esq., PE is the only fully licensed inspector in Georgia and holes state licenses in Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Engineering, is a certified ASHI inspector and a licensed Attorney. Glenn has over 50 years in the construction industry and offers Residential Inspections, Commercial Inspections, Litigations Inspections, Historic Preservation Inspections, Endowment Inspections, Forensic Inspections, Expert Testimony, EPA Certified Radon Testing, Concrete Moisture Testing and Cathodic Protection Testing.


  • Street: 1345 Bridgemill Avenue
  • Zip: 30114
  • City: Canton


  • Telephone: 404-514-4519
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