Class times and dates:

Wednesday December 9th  scheduled for 2 - 1/2 to 3 hours - 7 pm to no later than  10 pm
Topic: "Dispelling myths that good home inspectors don’t get complaints"
with a follow-up: "Open Forum" to discuss the future of our industry.
Saturday: December 12th: 4 hour meeting from 8am to noon.
First two (2) hours: "
Finding defects with Thermal Imaging".
Balance of the time: "
Correcting crawl space indoor air quality".



ASHI Georgia home inspectors are members of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and they, like other ASHI members across the country are the only home inspectors accredited by a 3rd party. No other professional society can match the credentials of an ASHI inspector.

ASHI-Gold-small   ASHI-Certified-Blue   ASHI-Certified

Read MoreASHI Certified Inspectors (ACI)- Have reached the highest level of ASHI Membership.

Each inspector must comply with the following:

  • Pass the National Home Inspector Examination
  • Complete the ASHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics Education study Module
  • Have Inspection Reports successfully verified by an independent 3rd party to insure reports comply with ASHI Standards
  • Submit valid proof of performance for a minimum of 250 home inspections
  • ASHI Certified Inspectors are the only true 3rd party certified Inspectors in the industry that are accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA)
  • Only inspectors who meet or exceed the requirements are allowed to use the ACI Logo that has become the gold standard of the inspection industry.
  • In addition to the above each inspector is required to earn, from an accredited source, a minimum of 20-CEs (continuing education credits) per year.

Some inspectors who claim to be members of ASHI and display the ASHI logo on their web sites are not members.

ASHI RGB 450x450• How to find out if someone is a member!
• Just click on this link
• Inspectors listed on this ASHI Georgia site are members in good standing.
• Locate through "Find an Inspector" located in the menu above.




A home inspection is a vital part of a home purchase.  ASHI believes that home inspections can continue during the COVID-19 outbreak when prudent safety precautions are practiced, and when performing the inspection does not conflict with government orders and recommendations.

Everyone involved with the home inspection is responsible for helping with safety.  The following advice is based on current recommendations from reliable sources.  People should be aware that the situation is changing constantly.  People should monitor reliable sources, and act if recommendations change. For the latest Georgia Overall COVID-19 Status click HERE

Home Inspectors

  • Reschedule the inspection if you feel sick, or if you exhibit symptoms of a respiratory illness.
  • Bring your own anti-bacterial soap, towel, hand sanitizer, and shoe covers.
  • Use hand sanitizer before entering the home, and wash your hands as recommended before beginning the inspection.
  • Wear disposable shoe covers when entering the home.
  • Do not shake hands.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Wash your hands after inspecting each bathroom and the kitchen.
  • Wipe bathroom and kitchen fixtures and toilet handles with a sanitizing wipe after inspecting these areas. Be sure the wipe instructions allow use on the fixture or handle.

Buyers and Real Estate Agents

  • Do not attend the inspection. If you wish to attend, do so only at the end of the inspection.  Do not bring children, relatives, contractors, and others to the inspection.  Reschedule the inspection if you wish to attend, and if you feel sick, or if you exhibit symptoms of a respiratory illness.
  • Use hand sanitizer before entering and before leaving the home.
  • Touch as few things in the home as possible.


  • Reschedule the inspection if anyone in the home feels sick, or exhibits symptoms of a respiratory illness.
  • Do not attend the inspection. Make arrangements for children, relatives, and others to be out of the home during the inspection.
  • Wipe bathroom and kitchen fixtures, toilet handles, and door knobs with a sanitizing wipe before the inspection. Be sure the wipe instructions allow use on the surface.