Michael Collins Smythe

The Inspection Company

header report 5 Qualifications: Michael Collins-Smythe began working with his family in carpentry at an early age.  Understanding the fundamentals as well as the minutiae of construction came naturally.  Michael later attended Oglethorpe University where he completed his B.A.  After working in the software industry for a few years he returned to his passion—residential construction. He wanted to set up a business with traditional customer service and values of guaranteed satisfaction.  After completing extensive training and mastery of building codes, he combined his business and construction background to create The Inspection Company, LLC.  In response to complaints heard about other Atlanta home inspection firms providing inept half hour home inspections, Michael decided to start a business with a more comprehensive focus. Not only would a client receive thorough home inspections, but they would also learn about their homes and the maintenance needed to keep them in great shape.


  • Street: 1499 Boulder Walk Drive
  • Zip: 30030
  • City: Atlanta


  • Telephone: 404-655-8179
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